Off-Site Membership 2

3 workouts a week to improve strength, energy and physique for just $35/Month.


45 Minutes or Less!

Building serious strength shouldn't feel like a second job. With the help of Fitness Balanced Off-Site Membership, three sessions a week, 45 minutes or less is all it takes to totally transform the way your body moves and feels.

3 Workouts a week to improve strength, energy and physique.

45 Minutes or Less

You're not required to be in the gym for hours on end every day. All you need is three days a week! Each workout will take you 45 minutes or less to complete. 

Full-Body Workouts

True strength is about balance. You'll spend two of your work days working up to heavy weights, but we'll keep things well-rounded with a cardio day as well.

Plus Modifications

Don't have the same equipment or you've tweaked your knee? Reach out if you have a premium membership! A personal trainer will provide you with modifications.  


Access to a personal trainer without breaking the bank?

This program is not designed to break the bank. Join our Off-Site Membership for just $35/month with no commitment! We doubt you will be unsatisfied with our workouts, but if you are just let us know by the 22nd of the month to cancel. 


About Fitness Balanced

Fitness Balanced was founded in 2015 with the goal of helping women discover a consistent, effective, and safe workout routine. We believe that true, lasting results come from a life of balance and consistency, not extremes. We want you to love your workouts because they bring a sense of fulfillment. Our goal is to help you find your consistent workout routine and we are here to guide you every step of the way.


I can't believe how much stronger I have become!

"Several years ago I purchased a standing desk platform and remember needing help getting it out of the box and lifting it onto my desk. At that time I hadn’t been working out due to an injury. Shortly after, I joined Fitness Balanced and began going to Top it Off and Booty Build every week. I feel better about myself and have more energy since I began working out again. A few weeks ago, my office was moving so I had to take down the standing desk. I was alone in the office had no one to help me, so I had no choice but to try to do it myself. To my surprise, I was able to lift the platform off my desk, carry it down a flight of stairs and load it into my trunk without any assistance! I can’t believe how much stronger I have become over the past three years taking these classes. All the hard work is worthwhile!" 

Meredith M.


My daughter notices my glutes now!

"Booty Build is always a challenging class especially with my sore knees, but Jenna provide modifications that allow me to still participate. My daughter even told me she can see my butt now! In a good way." 

Laurie T.


I honestly have never been stronger!

"I always wished my arms were toned. Top it Off has helped me achieve the upper body I've desired. I could not get this all around arm/back/chest workout anywhere without a personal trainer. Jenna changesthe circuit each month and I honestly have never been stronger." - 

Kim T.


I feel more confident!

"I feel stronger and notice this in unexpected ways (like carrying around a basket at the supermarket or lugging the laundry to the basement). I also feel more confident as I gain strength and get my body moving. I am not focused on losing weight but rather supporting my body so it can work its best for me, any weight loss is just a bonus!"

Meaghan R.

3 Workouts a week to improve strength, energy and physique for just $35/month.